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Energy Management 

Duckworth & Associates provides our customers with Energy Savings Solutions by offering the following services:


  • Conduct an energy audit of your facility with a review of your existing energy consumption, utility rates, operating conditions, and comparison to industry standards.

  • Review building and process ventilation systems for opportunities related to airflow reductions, equipment run-time curtailment, or efficiency improvements.

  • Evaluate opportunities for controls upgrades with Energy Management System (EMS) implementation.

  • Review opportunities for utility conversion and greenhouse gas reductions.

  • Development of a concept report detailing energy reduction opportunities, annual savings, project cost estimates, and return of investment (ROI). 

  • Concept engineering of the proposed process changes, with design and detail drawings.

  • Assist in sizing and selecting new equipment to achieve energy savings goals and initiatives.

  • Aid in obtaining utility company rebate and incentive money to support the funding of the project.

  • Provide project management support during the implementation of the energy savings initiatives, to ensure project success and energy savings are being achieved.

Duckworth & Associates
Duckworth & Associates

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