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Electrical Controls  

Our Company designs and furnishes turn-key control systems which maximize production and minimize both manpower and our customers’ energy requirements. We have always utilized modern controls with proven reliability; our control systems provide cost-effective automated-processes with an emphasis on safety, quality control, on-time delivery, and maximizing operating efficiency. In addition, our control systems maintain effective central control, with an early alarm response, as well as provide accurate record keeping and increased operator efficiency.

Our Electrical Control services include the following:

  • Control system design for control panels; sensors, switches, actuators & other field devices; Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) programming

  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) programming

  • Radio-based control systems

  • Vision system integration

  • Conveyance and material handling; power and free, skid, skillet, vertical lift, fork transfer, small part, roller, belt

  • Part and carrier tracking

  • Air handling; air supply, air recirculation

  • Burner controls and equipment software

  • Supply control panels & additional electrical devices

  • On-site start-up of electrical control panels systems

  • Modifications to existing controls systems

  • Converting & upgrading PLC equipment

  • Electrical drawings (Created in AutoCAD & EPLAN)

  • Written electrical specifications & prepared bid packages 

  • Commissioning and Start-up Services


Duckworth & Associates
Duckworth & Associates

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