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The Company began in 1980 as a dream of Jack Duckworth’s, who then convinced Dave Krause to join him in its realization. While their vision was to offer a comprehensive list of services, both co-founders were mechanical engineers specializing in process equipment and by the end of the first year, they had recruited two electrical engineers to join the team. By 1983, Duckworth & Associates’ Process Group expanded our service-offering to include Conveyor Systems Engineering. By 1995, we had established the independent Conveyor Systems Group and then in 1998, we began offering Simulation Services as well.

Over the years, as the menu of available services grew, so too did our facilities. The office of Duckworth & Associates, which began in a makeshift space above a co-founder’s garage, quickly expanded to fill a large classroom, rented from a junior high school in Livonia, Michigan. By 1986, a total of six classrooms were needed to house all of our staff and equipment. We persisted within the school halls, for three more years until finally, we graduated to a new home in Plymouth, Michigan. Since the building, at M-14 & Sheldon Road, had only recently begun construction, we were able to customize the interior to suit our needs and it has been the headquarters of Duckworth & Associates ever since.

Throughout all the years and with all of the changes, the leadership of Duckworth & Associates has remained committed to two main operating philosophies, which the co-founders prescribed before the Company began.


Today, we continue their pledge to always:

  1. Honor all promises. Even if it costs us more than we planned, once we make a commitment to a customer, we will not go back on our word.

  2. Stay out of debt. By paying as we go, we have weathered numerous economic changes, and so, after more than 40 years of doing business, we are proud to admit that we remain debt free.


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